During World Youth Days a lot of people had an opportunity to ask Jesus to guide

their lives and to proclaim that He is their Lord. If you have not done it yet, you can

make this decision now. You can trust in Him because He loves you most!


The prayer

Jesus, thank You that You love me, that You died for me on the cross and You

have saved me. I renounce all my sins, I reject all that leads me to sin. I open

my heart to You and I proclaim that You are my Lord and my Saviour. I give

You the steering wheel of my life and I ask You to guide me. Jesus is my Lord!


Are you wondering what to do next?

If you have proclaimed that Jesus is your Lord, we invite you to the New Life Course.

Even if you think that you are too bad and you have sinned too much in your life to

get out of it – this course is for you. If you think that God has turned His back on you

or He has been never interested in you – this course is for you. And if in your opinion

you are not so bad – the course is still for you. Frankly speaking… everyone needs

this course 🙂

One weekend (from Friday evening to Sunday afternoon) is not too much. And you

can gain, without exaggeration, new life.


The New Life Course is organized by the Schools of New Evangelization which can

be found in many countries around the world. You can see some addresses of these

schools in the link below (but there are many more of them).


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